#PeteSesh Election 2018 Edition

#PeteSesh Election 2018 Edition



When we learned that the 2nd most powerful prohibitionist in Washington was another guy named Sessions, we made and we sent hundreds of these packs to Dallas to help get out the canna-friendly vote against Pete Sessions in 2018. It was a long-shot race for any challenger. And guess what happened?

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Pete got smoked. We won’t take all the credit for toppling an 11-term congressman and chairman of the House Rules Committee, but we hope these packs helped set the vibe for the victory.

Don’t miss your chance to own an original piece of memorabilia from the last days of the Sessions-era.

Full-color collectible pack contains 32 leaves, king size slim. Limited Edition 2018.

Pack dimensions: 4.375” x 1.25” x 0.25”

Ships within 1 week.